Our Approach

In order to meet all of your planning needs, we offer income tax and financial planning assistance throughout the year. Please contact us today so that we may put our experts to work in lowering your taxes and securing your financial future.

Financial Independence at Retirement

Government approved retirement programs include Tax Sheltered Annuities, Keogh Plans, and Individual Retirement Accounts. These plans offer advantages to virtually every working citizen in the United States. Did you know that...Up to 100% of the yearly contributions can be deducted from your annual income on your federal tax return; Interest, dividends, earnings or capital gains are 100% tax sheltered during accumulation periods; Your payout at retirement may receive favorable tax treatment; and, You can potentially build a large nest egg to supplement other retirement plans? Two questions that our clients ask most frequently are: 1) How do I know which type of qualified plan to invest in, and 2) How do I invest in a program? We recommend the following steps: Establish clearly defined financial goals; Understand your own temperament and determine the risks that you are willing to take based upon the rewards that you anticipate; Understand the concepts of time, growth and tax consequences as they apply to developing wealth; Understand the difference between fixed and variable products; and, Understand the options available at retirement that allow you to maintain control over your own destiny. Clearly, for most people, the probability of becoming wealthy in a short time span is miniscule at best. By using a relatively small amount of money over a long period of time, clients can accumulate a substantial investment portfolio by the time they reach retirement. An investor's risk can be significantly reduced by doing good due diligence research, possibly through a competent financial planner or investment advisor, and by diversifying their investment options. Basically, investment choices fall into two categories - fixed and variable products. A fixed product is one where the principle is safe from market fluctuation; however, the rate of return is usually very conservative. A variable product, however, will be subject to some type of market risk. While the principle will be subject to market fluctuation, income can be generated in three ways: dividends, capital gains, market appreciation. Either on an individual basis or in seminar formats, we teach our clients about these concepts.